Liverpool open to selling flair attacker if they receive an "enticing offer" Opinion

Liverpool open to selling flair attacker if they receive an "enticing offer"

Liverpool open to selling flair attacker if they receive an "enticing offer"

An interesting claim has surfaced via Twitter (still not calling it X) regarding Luis Diaz.

A journalist, Francois Plateau, reports that Liverpool will sell the winger for the right price.

The Colombian has been in fine form in the last month but his father suggested earlier this season that it's his dream to play for Barcelona.

Diaz hasn't been exactly been prolific for the Reds but his speed and technical dribbling has been key for Jurgen Klopp's tactics.

Havin the former Porto man on the left wing allows Liverpool to stretch play and gives them an out ball when they're under a lot of pressure at the back.

Whereas Mohamed Salah likes to come short and receive the ball to his feet, Diaz is more classic 'chalk on boots' winger that sticks to the touchline and takes on fullbacks.

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Selling Diaz just a few couple of short years after signing him is unlike Liverpool. The only way it seems likely for Diaz to leave is if he personally requested it or if the club was made an offer they could not refuse.

That's not to say Diaz is unreplaceable but there is also value in having a player that already understands Klopp's tactical demands versus a new player that has to be caught up.

Liverpool have very intense tactical demands, especially regarding how their approach to counter pressing works.

Diaz has only recently refound his best form after suffering a nasty knee injury. Although the true nature of this injury was not reported by Liverpool, it could have been a medial collateral ligament tear, according to a 2022 report from This is Anfield.

If that's the case, it would explain why it has taken so long to feel comfortable again. Diaz would have felt a certain level of 'weakness' or that he couldn't trust the joint when placing the same pressure he was used to.

The 27-year-old is loved at Liverpool and hopefully he stays for a long time. He can still have a memorable career with the club even if injury has held him back until now.

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