Photo: Thiago Alcantara edited into beautiful Nike x Liverpool concept kit dubbed ‘Strawberry Nesquik’

A Reddit user has shared a pink concept kit and it’s quite beautiful but I imagine that not many supporters would be on board with the blue trim on the collar and sleeves.

We’ve some great fan-made kits in the past with a recent one posted on Twitter one of my favourites.

It might have something to do with Virgil van Dijk being edited into the kit and my longing to see the beautiful Dutchman in action again but that said, I’ve always been a fan of white kits and it seems like the perfect strip for Liverpool to win their second Premier League title in.

The below edit is one of the better ones and while pink might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the strip, which one Reddit user labelled ‘Strawberry Nesquik’, looks class on Thiago Alcantara.

Given the Merseyside rivalry between Everton and Liverpool, the blue trim on the collar and sleeves would likely be vetoed but other than that, I’d be quite happy to see it as the club’s third kit.

This season’s kits, the first of the Nike x Liverpool era, are quite nice but nothing special in my opinion.

I like the teal on the home kit, the away kit is ugly and the third is nice but, again, nothing spectacular. It’s often the case that fan-made concepts are way better than what the likes of Nike end up producing.

Far too often, big manufacturers like Nike use template styles across the board for the teams that they design for which is very disappointing when you consider the beautiful what they produced for Nigeria for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The kit broke records after 3 million people tried to pre-order it, according to CNBC.

While you only really expect Liverpool fans to be interested in buying the club’s jersey, if you design a world-class piece of merchandise you’ll attract a market of people that aren’t fussed with the tribalism in English club football.

Nigeria’s 2018 kit was bought globally and by people without ties to the country purely due to the fact that the kit was so attractive and was seen as a must have.

Michael Mongie
Football Central Media Group founder, owner and editor.


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