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Klopp Anticipates Comeback For "Outstanding" Player After International Break

Klopp Anticipates Comeback For "Outstanding" Player After International Break

On the road to recovery, Thiago Alcantara has hit a major roadblock.

His hip surgery, conducted in February, has suffered another complication but Jurgen Klopp remains optimistic, hoping the Spaniard may yet soon return to his squad.

This setback for Thiago throws slight uncertainty over Liverpool's midfield planning. Regardless, a return to the pitch may be on its way.

What's the injury latest on Thiago?

The midfield maestro has suffered a second setback in his bid to return to action following a hip surgery in February, Klopp has confirmed.

This comes as a major blow to both Thiago and Liverpool, who have been hoping on his return to bolster the squad's midfield.

Klopp, speaking to the media, expressed his disappointment at Thiago's situation but confirmed the setback is "not massive".

thiago alcantara liverpool wolves premier league

He said: “It’s just, for him especially, it’s annoying.

"He's now had two setbacks in the rehab. Not massive but enough to take him off the pitch again."

Klopp added, "Obviously not the same injury, not at all, but a bit similar… That’s how it is after long-term injuries from time-to-time."

When will Thiago and Stefan Bajcetic return for Liverpool?

Speaking on when Thiago and young protégé Stefan Bajcetic will return, the manager added: “I don’t know, I will not put pressure on that (his return).

"If they will be back after the international break, we will see. Hopefully, it would be cool."

Thiago's journey towards recovery has been frustrating, as he has been off the pitch more often than not.

Despite not being the exact same injury, the similarity indicated by Klopp is a cause for concern. Repeat injuries are never a good sign and given his age (32), there is little hope it will improve.

thiago alcantara stefan bajcetic liverpool

What does the future hold for Thiago at Liverpool?

Thiago future at Liverpool is set to come to an end soon.

His existing contract with expires at the end of this season, and there seem to be no plans, at least from the club's side, to renew his deal.

At one point during the summer, Thiago removed Liverpool from his Instagram bio, further stoking the speculations around his departure.

However, despite the mounting hysteria, the midfielder chose to stay with the club, evidently demonstrated by his decision to reject interest from the Saudi Pro League.

Given the current developments, the picture that appears to be taking shape is one of Thiago leaving Liverpool at the end of the season.

thiago alcantara liverpool premier league

Liverpool will lose an experienced and talented midfielder, someone who has played in the Premier League as well as in other elite leagues such as La Liga and Bundesliga. But his fitness has not been up to par with other players at the club.

Availability is key and unfortunately, for both Liverpool and Thiago, he just hasn't been able to play regularly enough succeed at Anfield.

Data from Transfermarkt underlines his lack of luck with injuries. Since joining from Bayern Munich in 2020, he has had ten injuries, totalling 431 days on the sidelines.

All in all, he has missed 82 games to date.

What can Thiago offer in his final season at Liverpool?

As Thiago enters his final season with Liverpool, he does so with a wealth of experience and an abundance of talent that few can match.

If he can remain fit, could be a key player.

Despite being 32, he still represents one of the most gifted midfielders in Europe, demonstrating exceptional vision, passing range, and excellent spatial awareness.

Thiago's experience can be particularly valuable for Liverpool's new, younger signings.

The likes of Szoboszlai (22), Gravenberch (21), and Mac Allister (24) all show immense promise, but they also lack the experience that Thiago has.

He can mentor these young talents, helping them develop their skills, improve their understanding and adapt to the pressures of playing at such a high level.

One of the biggest factors for Thiago in his final season will be his fitness. If he can stay healthy, he can be a pivotal player for Jurgen Klopp’s side.

thiago alcantara champions league liverpool porto

Deployed as the no.6, with Mac Allister and Szoboszlai in more advanced number 8 roles, he could unlock even more quality from Liverpool's squad. His intelligence, technical prowess, and game-reading abilities will allow him to dictate the tempo of games, break down opponent's defenses with his astounding passing, and protect Liverpool's backline effectively.

So, in this pivotal season for Liverpool, the hope remains that the club will witness more standout performances from the "outstanding" Thiago.

His contribution could very well influence the trajectory of the season, and his influence on the younger players could be felt long after he leaves the club at the end of the season. While his departure will eventually arrive, the focus must be on the here and now, and the exceptional ability that Thiago still has to offer.

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