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PGMOL's latest scandalous decision as Liverpool get closer to the truth

PGMOL's latest scandalous decision as Liverpool get closer to the truth

Liverpool are getting closer to the truth behind why Luis Diaz's goal against Tottenham Hotspur was disallowed.

PGMOL, the body responsible for managing the referees in the Premier League, have a scandal on their hands.

Several contentious decsions went against Liverpool in London and the club has responded with outrage.

What has happened since Saturday's referee fiasco?

Jurgen Klopp was in shock during his press conference and chose to err on the side of caution by not making any rash comments.

As we all know, even when managers and players are valid in calling out mistakes from officials, they are invariably fined or suspended.

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Liverpool, however, then made a statement of their own in response to the one from the PGMOL which admitted to a "significant human error."

What it seems happened was there was a breakdown in communication and despite VAR knowing the goal should have been awarded, play continued without the call being made on the field.

Liverpool want the audio for the VAR exchange during the aftermath of Diaz's goal to be released so they can better understand how it was possible for them to be cheated out of a goal.

The PGMOL's latest scandalous decision shows why growth and improvement is a distant hope

Many fans of the Premier League hold a faint hope that one day poor decisions from referees will not so frequently impact the results of their favourite teams.

Well an update from Sky Sports reveals that VAR officials from the fiasco at Spurs Darren England and Dan Cook will removed from refereeing games this weekend.


However, despite referee Simon Hooper's poor display, he will be on VAR for Everton vs. Bournemouth on Saturday.

If the PGMOL are to commit to a "full review" as is reported, none of the officials involved in the refereeing of Spurs vs Liverpool should be on duty until the issues have been revealed.

This needs to be taken seriously as referees play an intrinsic role in maintaining the sporting integrity of what many argue to be the greatest football league.

Liverpool are getting closer to the truth

Liverpool's strongly worded statement is a demonstration of their will to find the truth of how they were robbed of a legal goal in a critical game in the Premier League title race.

It may be early in the season but when the likes of Manchester City are your opponents, every point matters. Liverpool fans can attest to this better than most.

Finding the cause of the fiasco at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will not award Liverpool points or change the result, but it is essential for all clubs in the Premier League to have clarity on what happened and a way forward to ensure it isn't repeated.

If Liverpool are granted access to the audio between the VAR officials during the immediate aftermath of Luis Diaz scoring what should have been the opening goal of the game, it will be a massive moment in the history of VAR's use in the Premier League.

The technology has been i the spotlight in many controversies since its introduction to the England top flight in 2019. If VAR is to become an improvement and no longer a detriment, PGMOL must release the VAR audio to Liverpool and the public.

It's vital that fans - the lifeblood of this beautiful sport - are kept in the loop.

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