"In bed with VAR": Ben Foster makes sensational claim about Sky Sports and VAR Latest News
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"In bed with VAR": Ben Foster makes sensational claim about Sky Sports and VAR

"In bed with VAR": Ben Foster makes sensational claim about Sky Sports and VAR

Ben Foster has revealed just how calamitous VAR's error was when they failed to award Luis Diaz's goal on Saturday.

You might be getting bored of reading and hearing about it but given the extent to which VAR has been exposed by their own failures, this will likely remain a hot topic for awhile.

The former goalkeeper has levelled a very serious allegation at Sky Sports and the PGMOl, which if true, would seriously threaten the integrity of the Premier League.

Ben Foster alludes to PGMOL and Sky Sports cover-up

Speaking on the Football Hub with Mark Goldbridge, Foster has made sensational claims regarding Sky Sports, VAR and PGMOL.

In light of the way Spurs 2-1 Liverpool was refereed, many fans online have suggested that a coverup was attempted during the game.

Foster explains: “The bit that I found really disappointing about that Luis Diaz goal is that they never showed a replay of it. They showed one, didn’t they? They showed one very quick replay, as soon as it happened, and the game was moved on already. The game was already restarting and I’m thinking ‘well that was quick’.

“Every image we saw, we thought ‘that looks onside’. They didn’t show another replay for the rest of the first half – not one replay – and then at half-time, they didn’t talk about it once until 10 seconds before the start of the second half.

“Do you know what it tells me? That tells me that Sky are in bed with the people at VAR and the [PGMOL], whatever it is, because they must have got straight on the phone and said ‘Do not highlight the fact that we [messed] up. Do not show it. Do not talk about it or bad-mouth us. Do nothing’

“I guarantee you that’s what happened, so that’s why Sky were under direct orders to not say a single word about it.”

The verdict on VAR and PGMOL shortcomings

Simply put, the referees the Premier League has are not good enough.

For this many errors to constantly be made is a disgrace and with no real accountability for failing millions of fans worldwide, how can there be an expectation that it will improve?

Referees may be removed from officiating matches in the league for a single week but what good does that do when they can return only to demonstrate the same inconsistency.

And, of course, it has to be said that referees have an incredibly difficult job due to the intense scrutiny they face but VAR was supposed to make things simpler.

All it has done is elevate the intensity with which fans react to errors because so many of them are relatively simple to eradicate from the game.

While it seems the average fan on social media can spot simple fouls, VAR and referees fail on a regular basis to get routine calls correct with many of their mistakes impacting both teams throughout the league.

Liverpool's fight to unveil the truth of VAR's failure to award Diaz's goal against Spurs benefits every team in the league but will lack the power it might have if other clubs don't follow suit.

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